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100 years ago, the sisters Yod and Yard were the wives of Phra Wanathep. Yard was a loyal servant to madam Kamlai, his main wife. But Khun Thep asked Yod to help him get her sister and he would reward her. So Yod knocked her out and Wanathep raped her. Later, Yod tricks Yard into giving poison to Kamlai, to get rid of her and get Yard in trouble, so she can read morehave Khun Thep all to herself. So Yard unintentionally kills Kamlai and her 2 daughters. All the servants find out that Yard killed Kamlai so they hung her. Yods mother finds out that she caused Yards death so she stabbed Yod and put a curse on her, if she was to cause her mother to cry a tear again, she will never be able to get reborn. Khun Thep was reborn as Witsanu, an award-winning biography director. Witsanu received work from a TV show called Lao Ruang Teuk Gao (Telling the story of old buildings). Pal is a young architect that hosts the show, and for this particular episode the story of Phra Wanathep’s home is being 月观看已达50人 ,周观看4人,今日观看罪孽怨灵罪妇78人.


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